Yes, it was a great day on 15/09/17. We were on our work. We’ve done it and were free, suddenly one of said,”Yar Punjab nahi jaungi dekhain”. It was a 4’o clock and within 20 mins we were on our way to the cinema. We check-in Cineone n they said that it’s full. I thought in my mind that it’ll be canceled but suddenly one of our colleagues said that Taj Mehal has vacant seats so we can go there, within 15 mins we were at Taj Mehal. We got tickets and entered in the gallery of the screen no 1.

It was shouting there because the movie was already started. One of the best dialogue of this movie was “Yh Tujhy Dy Skta Lara Or Yh Tujhy Lara Eee Dy Sskta “ and other one said, “Who is lara?”. No one can stop his laugh theirs. It’s an amazing movie with so heavy dialogues. It’s written by Khalil Ur Rehman Qamar, Who is one of the best writers of Pakistan. On every Scene, our boss were guiding us about places where they did the shooting, the scenery was awesome. Director did it so well.

Second best dialogue of this movie was “HELP ME DURDHANA”. Everyone was shouting & literally they were laughing so badly. None can stop his self to laugh at this dialogue. “O paye ty Hug mn kran ty jhapi”..hahahah “Betaa Ji Tuci Nall Avi Kya C HELP ME DHURDHANA”. Character of dhurdhana in this movie is like a typical phaphy kutni about what we’ve listened from our childhood.

This movie is a mix of comedy, suspense, love, romance. One more unique thing in this Movie was “DIVORCE CERMONY ”. Fawad was crying n saying “O SHAFIQUE, ROTI KHOL DY”. After so much drama their was an happy ending.

We’ve learned one lesson from it, that;

Affection is when you see some one’s strength, Love is when you accept  someone’s flaws”.

We checked out from  their at 7:30, n go at  MR WINGS  for having some meal. We take our dinner n say good bye to each other..

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Punjab Nahi Jaungi
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