It was Saturday on 09/09/17 we planned for Lahore tour. The city of Lahore does not need any introduction to the people of sub-continent. Every child of Pakistan and India know about Lahore. It is very hard to think of even a single exception. Lahore is called as the heart of has both historical as well as cultural value. The only city that comes after Karachi is Lahore. There is an oft-quoted proverb “Jinney Lahore Nahi Dekhya O Jamya He Nahi” – the person who has not seen Lahore has not born yet.
But this time we decided to visit newly developed places which are having great attention from all over Pakistan.Recently we visited Emporium and Packages Mall with high-tea in Cafe-Costa.architectural designing of both Emporium and Packages Mallis beyond description.we visited bouncing clubs of both emporium and Packages Mall.we did hell fun, we were feeling like a kid.bounce club consists of a number of things for enjoyment; foam pit, dodge ball court, inclined wall courts and a huge free jump also consists of a basketball court and Ball pit.
We were jumping like a kid n feeling like we’re flying in the air. Pakistan’s largest indoor trampoline park is in Emporium.There are a lot of other attractions in Emporium but this bounce club we can’t forget. When we jumped into balls of the ball pit, some of my team members were quite nervous first but then after some time, they were ready to jump in ball pit again and again.
After visiting emporium we planned to go to visit an other newly developed attraction of Lahore “THE PACKAGES MALL ”. it’s the largest mall of Lahore and after visiting it, we were too much tired.we also visited bounce club of packages but the fun we did in emporium it wasn’t like that.but yes one thing we truly enjoyed was ride of Horror can say it the best Horror House from all of those we visited before it .it’s theme was defining every thing and yup this was a horrifying ride.n we also had a ride of dragging cars, but these cars are for kids:P.head of our team arranged our lunch in Café-Costa.but you can imagine we were that much tired that we requested for having some meal in packages Mall and that wasn’t of good quality.
After doin’ too much fun we were on the way to Café-Costa n volume of the music was at its peak. yes, we enjoyed a lot you people can’t feel our enjoyment.for feeling it you’ve to visit these places. we did high-tea there and food quality was amazing.especially it’s coffee cake was yummy. Then we decided to go back to home.we check out from Lahore at 8 pm.

One day, I was searching for my Lahore pictures and found three albums with poor quality pictures. On the sep 9/2017, my aim was to capture Lahore again. It is very hard to shrink the words. Sorry for that.enjoy watching the picture of our tour.


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