It was Saturday 12 april, 2018 when we were headed to Our Destination Naran Kaghan. YEAH!!! You read right!

Naran Kaghan the most charming & worth watching places of Pakistan. These are the places where you would love to spend your precious time with full of Entertainment and Enjoyment.We reached there at Hotel Devanchi at 3:00 pm where already our rooms booked, quickly we just threw our luggage to the rooms & rushed for lunch because all of us were very hungry & it increases when you already knew about their yummilicious food 😀

After that yummy lunch we took some rest & at evening we went outside to explore the beauty of this place, Vast lush green fields spreading on the both sides of the road & River Kunhar presents a beautiful melody here which sooths our hearing & we were truly enjoying nature.

Then we walk down the road, there are a few small stores where one can get basic groceries from and you come across fresh water streams. At night, we all huddle around a bonfire in the garden to keep us warm, we spent some time here & made unforgettable memories for life!. Though air is chilly but doesn’t freeze us to the bone because weather of Naran is severe cold in winters and mild cold in summers. Average temperature of Naran is 10.1 c. Forests and Meadows dominating the landscape below peaks that reach over 17,000 feet.So quickly we took our breakfast, checked out from hotel & planned for hiking, half day visit of Lulusar Lake, & evening drive to Shogran. So first we reached at this beautiful place for hiking:-

This view is something worth seeing in both seasons. It takes about two hours to get there on foot and about another two hours to get back. One should visit in late April-early May to see this winter “wonderland”.

After than we moved towards our next stop which was Lulusar lake & it is about one hour drive from Naran (50 km) on a smooth road. When we came across this wonderful lake trust me I was completely speechless & definitely not be short of praising nature, seeing that masterpiece.

After than we ate our dinner at nearest hotel to lake than we drove  down to Shogran for the night. Upon reaching Shogran, we stayed at Lalasar hotel. It seems like a feat of architecture in itself since one wonders how they managed to build what is almost a four-star hotel on top of a mountain. The view from each and every room of the hotel is simply gorgeous. It looks like one of those calendar photos you see in drawing rooms growing up as a kid.

In the end I just want to say this trip made me realise that Pakistan holds endless amounts of natural beauty, no less than any European vacation. You need to simply get out there to see it. These photos and my descriptions cannot even do justice to what you get to see and feel in person once you are there.

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