I was on the way to Shogran, it was Saturday 23rd Oct 2017. I don’t want to share the environment of the bus over there. Because it was rolled Rappa, fun,moj masti & all that. But the different thing in it was that I was on the way to visit one of the northern sides of Pakistan.
Every moment I was enjoying the scenery. Beautiful and heart touching scenes were like absorbing in my soul. Every moment I was saying “SUBHANALLAH”. As someone said, ”TO TRAVEL is to take a journey into yourself”. Each and every moment of this journey was special. Ball khata hua drays kunhar was presenting a beautiful sketch of a long snake. We shortly stay at kewai, the beautiful long run waterfall was the attraction of everyone’s eye.
Then we moved for Shogran after this. The road was so bumpy n narrow, the movement of one van at a time was difficult at that road. We reached at Shogran at 7:00 am, rooms were already reserved. We took rest for some time. After taking rest we took our breakfast & started the journey for Siri Paye. For some time I use to thought yar Pakistan is so much beautiful. It is our SWITZERLAND. We always thought about to visit abroad without knowing or without seeing the beauty of Pakistan, our homeland.

life goes on one way and memOries on the Other

We are so much blessed with natural beauty. At Siri Paye one of my friends said for running race, I got excited n started.and after some time I was faint n feel like dizziness. I ate chocolate and date than I felt better. We checked out from Siri Paye at 5:00 pm, enjoyed Chaye Shaye on the way at Arcadium restaurant Shogran.
We took our dinner at 8:00 am at lalazar, food was delicious. After dinner, I enjoyed the bonfire with light music. I was too much tired, got sleep before 11 pm. Next day early morning we took our breakfast & checked out from Shogran at 9:00 am for Shinkiari Tea Festival.

We’ve learned a lot at Tea garden about gardening of tea. There were a lot of things happening about which I wasn’t familiar before. Overall this trip was very informative, I learned a lot & will always remember this journey.

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