Murree is a very popular hill station about 50 km north of the capital Islamabad. Murree is also called the “Queen of Hills”. The main tourist stays on this road is the town of Nathiagali and the resort of Ayubia. Nathiagali is also known as the “City of Fog” for it can get very foggy here. Here are a series of wonderful Hill-resorts on the ridge between Murree and Abbottabad and are more attractive than other cities.

The Murree region is known for its scenic vistas of pine- and oak-covered mountains, crisscrossed with springs and rivulets and dotted with lawns and orchards.

Murree is the administrative Headquarters of the Murree district. It is well connected by road to other towns of the area. These small towns are Khanspur, Ghora Gali, Sunny Bank, Jhika Gali, Bhurban, Nathiagali, Ayubia, Kalabagh, and Patriata. Murree is also linked by road to the larger towns of Islamabad, Muzaffarabad, and Abbottabad.


Patriata (also called New Murree), is one of the pivotal attractions of Murree. This place, which is 15 km away from Murree Hills, is famous for its chairlift that gives a bird-eye view of the Kashmir green hills. Scenic Mall Road in Murree is the center of major economic activities. The entire road is full of shops selling a multitude of things for the tourists. Major Banks, hotels, and restaurants are situated at Mall Road.

Most visited places by people in Murree are Kashmir Point, Pindi Point, and Mall Road.

Nathia Gali

Nathiagali is famous for its pleasant weather; it’s quite cool because it is situated at a greater altitude. It is at the one hour’s drive from both Murree and Abbottabad.

Dunga Gali

Dungagali is tourist resort which is situated on the slopes of Mushkpuri Hills. Mushkpuri is one of the highest peaks in the area; people who love tracking usually visit there.

Khaira Gali

Khaira Gali in located in Palak, Abbottabad in KPK Province of Pakistan. During the colonial period, British used this Hill Station as a Barricade. It is also famous for the Hexagon Manor on the highest elevation of the town.


Ayubia is named after the former President of Pakistan Ayub khan because he belonged to Haripur district of Hazara. It’s a cluster of four hill stations of Khanspur, Khairagali, Changlagali and Ghora Gali. The chairlift of Ghora Gali presents a mesmerizing view of the surroundings.


Thandiani is named after local language word “Thand” (cold) because it’s quite a cool place. It’s situated at 2700 meters above sea level and surrounded by pine forests. You can reach easily here from Abbottabad by covering the distance of 24 km. The scenery of the area is breathtaking.

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