Swat valley is known as the Switzerland of Pakistan. Swat is also considered as the land of romance and beauty because of its natural beauty.

It has the captivating natural beauty in its lap. The River Swat has clear and crystal water starting from the Ushu range of mountains to the valley of Swat. Swat is one of the lush green valleys of Pakistan which contains most beautiful scenes in it. It’s icy-cold lakes, fruit laden orchards, and flower decked slopes are ideal for holidaymakers. Swat has the chilling weather in winters; it reaches to even 1 Celsius in the month of January. Swat is also having its rich Historical and religious values, many religious pilgrimages are situated in Swat valley.

Places to visit in Swat Valley

  • Mangora
  • Murghazar Valley
  • Kalam
  • Madeen/ Behreen
  • Mahodant lake
  • Ushoo jungle
  • Fizagatt Park
  • Malakandi

Accommodation Facilities

There are moderately priced hotels, motels and rest house in Swat for comfortable living. These accommodations are usually found at Mingora, Saidu Sharif, Marghzar, Madyan, Bahrain, Kalam, and Ushoo.

Transportation Linkage

Swat is linked by air and by road with Islamabad and Peshawar. There are regular bus and other road transportation facilities between Rawalpindi and Mingora.


The Swat Museum is also there which is having the finest collection of Gandhara art in the world. Mingora has yielded phenomenal pieces of Buddhist sculpture.

Marghzar is famous for its “Sufed Mahal” the white marble Palace of the former Ruler of Swat.


38% of Economy of Swat depends on Tourism and 31% on Agriculture. Mingora is one of the villages which produce the 18 types of Apples due to its temperate climate. This production of Apple is very supportive to the Economy of Pakistan and for export as well. A high percentage of Peach is also produced in the bottom plains of Swat valley which is consumed all over the Pakistan and different countries of the world.

Major languages spoken in Swat are Pushto and Kohistani.

Swat Valley’s Heritage

The embroidered items made by women are their trademark. They have their different recognition in handmade ornaments and decorative household articles e.g. Ladies shawls, wooden furniture and honey. Many precious stones are also found there.

Features of Swat Valley

  • The altitude of Swat valley is 975.36 meters and reaches to 2900 meters.
  • Shangla pass is approximately 7000 feet above sea level and covers a 56 km distance.
  • The Malakand pass between Mardan and Swat is 470m to 663 m.
  • The Highest peak of Hindu Kush Range is situated in Swat Valley named Falak Sher/ Sar peak.
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